Low cost ‘Ready to Build’ Duplex Development in Brightwater

//Low cost ‘Ready to Build’ Duplex Development in Brightwater

This Duplex Lot is a Hot Property for those wanting to take the next step in their investment plan as you can essentially build two properties for one great price. Experience shows us that investors who invest in duplex developments get great uplift (equity growth) on completion due to the increased value of having both properties combined on one low land price.

This low set duplex development is set in the highly sort after Brightwater Estate on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, nestled between the sea and pristine National Park. Brightwater boasts beautiful parks and street scape’s, a new school and sports fields under construction, planned retail central precinct and close proximity to the planned Sunshine Coast Hospital development ($2 Billion) scheduled to start construction later this year.

Description: Duplex Lot 552 Marlin Street Brightwater Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Hot Property Price: $372,500 average per side ($745,000 total project)

Weekly Projected Rent: Two incomes totaling $780 – $820 per week.

Why The Deal Stacks Up:

Duplex opportunities in master planned communities like Brightwater are rare, while the build costs for a duplex are less than building two separate homes. Council fees for this development are already included in the price and it’s build ready now.

Basically, you gain straight up from capitalising on the land value by building two buildings on one lot.

Potential Strategy Fit:

Buy and hold medium to long term as infrastructure develops or keep one side, flip (sell) the other and improve cashflow.

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