Our clients are passionate about property and when you’re passionate about something, you’re always talking about it with friends and family… you know, the person at the BBQ you can’t get away from!

If you’re one of these people (and if you’re reading this, we’re thinking you might be!) we’re more than happy for you share the information and great deals you get from us with any one you think might be interested.

To take that a step further and become an Investor Property Referrer and earn an Introduction Fee for each new client you introduce to us, here’s a couple of things you can do…

  1. Once you’re subscribed to our email newsletters, simply forward them on or pass on our name to someone you know and when they buy their first property from us, we’ll give you $1000 (out of our own margin!) simply for thinking of us… it’s that simple!
    All you need to do is log your introduction on the form below so we know who sent them!
  2. Or, if you prefer the old fashioned way, just call us on 1800 248 911 and let us know the details of the person you’ve introduced and we’ll keep the details on record.

If the person you refer purchases a property from us (and once the properties settled) we’ll contact you to arrange to pay you your Introduction Fee.

Please remember, this fee is paid out of our margin and is NEVER added on to the price your friend or family member pays for their property through us.

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