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The media keeps telling us that the ‘mining boom’ is over, yet they’re referring to the phase of infrastructure investment in mining, the next phase is about long term jobs and impact (the reason they build mines in the first place) – to actually get the resource out of the ground, the ‘production phase’.

What if we could see the beginning of that ‘boom’ again, the beginning of the infrastructure investment. Like knowing about a ‘Gladstone’ 6-7 years ago? You can, there is a sizable regional town with a diverse economy that has seen great benefits from the infrastructure investment phase, yet it’s about to go through a second and much larger phase of investment supported by long term production.

Emerald is about to become the jewel in Queensland’s resources crown and Australia’s new coal capital.


Australia’s Next Coal Capital

  • The main service centre for the southern Bowen Basin and gateway to the Galilee Basin
  • Expansion in the Bowen and Galilee Basin’s expected to see QLD Coal production rise 200% in the next 6 years
  • 9 multi-billion mines coming in the Galilee Basin (collectively $32bn)
  • $78bn in infrastructure projects for the region ($36bn in new mining projects)
  • 35% surge in population forecast over next 7-8 years
  • Australia’s fastest growing airport


Why Emerald

Emerald is the regional centre servicing around 25,000 people in Central Queensland with a population of just under 17,000. Emerald is under-pinned by a diverse industry base. Specifically; gem & coal mining, cattle production and a wide variety of agricultural industries including cotton, horticulture, and aqua-culture.

Coal deposits in the Emerald mining district are extracted to produce around 68 million tonnes of coking and thermal coal each year for export with an expectation of a massive expansion. While Emerald’s agricultural industry produces more than $100million per annum.

Its on top of this strong base that the future of Emerald is already being built. Current resource projects include Minerva Coal Mine (2.8 million tonnes per annum or mtpa), Kestrel Mine (3.8mtpa) and Ensham Resources (7.8mtpa). In addition, the town is strategically placed to support the massive expansion of the Galliee Basin and projects such as the Alpha Coal Project. This open cut mine alone will produce 32mtpa and is due to open in 2014 with over 3400 continuing jobs.

Coal production for the area is expected to significantly ramp from circa 20mtpa to 300mtpa by 2020! In parallel with the development of these resource projects, the population of Emerald is expected to double in the next 10 years, as is that for the region supported by the town.

Such is the growth of the region, the Emerald airport is looking to build a terminal to specifically cope with just the mine workers. This expansion would follow on the back of an upgrade to the original airport less than 2 years ago. FIFO workers account for approximately 40% of the local airport usage with flights passing through Emerald expected to rise from 130 to 200 per week within the next 12 months on top of a specific airport being built at Alpha in the Galilee basin, just West of Emerald.

Its important to note that research shows that every mine worker creates a further 4 jobs (more workers means more vehicles that need servicing, more food deliveries, more haircuts, more accommodation, more medical services, etc). While half of the second and third line workers as a result of these new jobs will be in other regions, half are in the region the mine is based. With Emerald being the main support centre for the southern end of the Bowen Basin, its linkages to the Surat Basin and critical positioning to the Galilee basin, on top of is strategic importance to the region’s agricultural industry, the future bodes well for the largest town in the region with the capacity to support that growth.

Why Villas on Rivergum

The Location

Take advantage of the massive investment in and around Emerald that will affect the value and return of your investment.Approximately to $32 billion worth of coal projects in the Galilee basin for with Emerald will be vital supply and service centre

  • 48 current mines, 50 projects worth $25 billion under consideration in the Bowen Basin
  • $4.7 billion of construction projects in the last 12 months
  • 13 existing coal projects at advanced stages of construction

The Complex

Villas on Rivergum present a 115 unit, 5 stage development with Emerald’s only on-site, fully managed complex. With Stage 1 completed and operational, now is the time to purchase off the plan for future stages… ready for strong rental growth and capital returns.

With Emerald’s central hub location in Queensland’s coal capital, the Bowen Basin and the soon to be developed mega-mines of the adjacent Galilee Basin, the township is serviced by major regional road, air and rail networks and is poised to be the epicentre for accommodation demand for workers, visitors and related industry sectors.

Located outside the Emerald flood zone and supported by a dedicated, 24/7 on-site management team, Villas on Rivergum will ensure that your investment is protected and continues to grow in value.

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