20 Reasons to Invest with Investor Property

In 2024 Investor Property proudly stands as a 20-year-strong company with a history rich in positive customer success stories, solid research, and uniqueness of market intelligence which gives us the foresight to accurately predict likely future outcomes that have underpinned our businesses and our clients’ returns.

As part of celebrating our 20 Years of Investor Property we have produced videos with clients, partners and staff to share ’20 reasons to invest with Investor Property’.

#1 The Sunshine Coast: It makes sense to purchase property where people want to be! The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic place to invest between the CBD, Hospital, Don’t miss out

#2 Fantastic investments: Don’t just take it from us, hear from our customers raving about their fantastic investments properties.

#3 We practice what we preach: Our property coaches are investing in exactly what we are recommending to you – that’s how much we believe in what we do.

#4 Our property coaches love what they do: We have passionate property coaches who love what they do. Contact us today to hear how they can help you.

#5 Our Research: The research performed by our team is in-depth, and the reports we provide are comprehensive and insightful. We go beyond media headlines and dig deep into the data to understand what’s actually happening and what’s coming. Take a look at our latest report here.

#6 Our accurate predictions: Our predictions for the property market over the last decade and beyond have been proven right, despite us making claims that went against the grain of what most banks and economists were saying. Our clients have reaped the rewards.

#7 One-Stop-Shop: From property selection to suit your specific needs, to managing the build, finding tenants and managing those tenants. Investor Property will take care of it all and are there to hold your hand through the whole process.

#8 Long-term relationships: Hear from people who have been investing with us for 5, 12, 15 years! We are with you every step of the way, from your first investment property in your 20s to your retirement. We are there to answer all your questions and help with anything that life throws at you.

#9 Family and friends recommend: Our clients have such great success and love working with us so much that they all recommend their friends and family.

#10 Delaying or doing nothing won’t help: The younger you are the better set up you will be. Here from our clients who wish they had started investing sooner and have got their children investing early.

#11 Our connections: Investor Property use the expertise of a suite of different businesses and specialists to help you on your Investor journey. Hear from some of our associated business to find out how they can help you purchase an investment property this year.

#12 We don’t charge for our advice: Don’t pay thousands for the advice and education that Investor Property will give you for free!

#13 You don’t know what you don’t know: You don’t know what you don’t know. So many people don’t know what they should do, where to start or maybe you think you know? Investor Property have being doing this for 20 years. Speak to the people who DO know today!

#14 Our team: Our team are caring, insightful, dedicated and passionate about helping others achieve success and wealth through property investment. Get in touch to see what they can do for you.

#15 Mal Cayley: Gosh, what can we say about Mal? He’s an enigma, the way he can process data, accurately predict outcomes, translate his insights into digestible information and make the whole process fun and entertaining is why many clients choose to work with Investor Property.

#16 Homes for Everyone initiative: Homes for everyone is an initiative that Mal has set up to address the housing crisis. Investing in property is your way to contribute to more houses being built on the Sunshine Coast.
Learn more about the initiative at www.homesforeveryone.com.au

#17 Advice for everyone: Whether you are 20 or 60, live on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere, Investor Property are here to help. We offer genuine advice free of charge to anyone and everyone and have for 20 years. Talk to the team today!

#18 Resolve challenges: Whether it is getting access to finance, foreign income, the bank undercutting your valuation or giving you access to properties that not everyone can purchase, Investor Property have the experience, advice and connections!

But don’t take our word for it – hear from the client we’ve been helping for over 20 years.

#19 Easy process: We do the heavy lifting for you from the complex analysis to the handover of your investment, we guide you on the journey to make it simple and seamless.

#20 20 years experience!: We’ve been around for a while, and we’ll be here for a while longer yet. We’ve done a lot over the years and as we celebrate this milestone, the depth of that experience and learning brings us back to your core value of how can we help our clients achieve more. We know how to create the most opportunity with least risk but approach has always been follow us, not do as we say. We’ll walk with you.