Snakes and Property Need Experts
Partner with an expert to Build Wealth Through Property Just like you should always call a snake handler when you've got a slithering intruder in your home, we believe you should also seek expert help for investing in property so you don’t get bitten! Hear why Stuart McKenzie, the Snake Catcher 24/7 chose to work...
Get Serious
Build Wealth Through Property Founded in 2004, Investor Property exists to help people navigate the excess of confusing opinion and data that surrounds property and achieve their residential property investment goals and the freedom that affords. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, as you can see from our latest videos, but we are serious about...
Become a Property Coach
Become a Property Coach Join the team that guides people on their wealth journey through property investment. We are looking for people who love people and want to help them while learning and building their own journey. Talk to us if you have a passion for property, a gift with numbers and a strategic mind...
Refer & Earn
Want $1,000? Our clients are passionate about property and when you’re passionate about something, you’re always talking about it with friends and family… you know, the person at the BBQ you can’t get away from! If you’re one of these people (and if you’re reading this, we’re thinking you might be!) we’re more than happy...
Rental Assurance Guarantee
Our 5-year Rental Assurance is like an airbag for your cashflow! You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, and you wouldn’t get on a long-haul flight without a neck pillow! What’s your back-up plan for your investment property? Just like you buy travel insurance when planning an amazing time away, you hope for the best...
Free Coaching Session – Book Now
Free Coaching Session Whether you’re an explorer, voyager or pioneer in the property investment space, our free coaching sessions can be tailored to your needs and will provide you with invaluable insight into how to build wealth through property. Register your interest on the form below and our expert investment property guides will be in...
Destination Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is prime for investing!

$ bn
infrastructure investment
population growth
visitors per annum
$ bn
economy by 2033

PLUS: the biggest game changer a (non-capital) Australian city has seen!

2023 Edition | Details Unlocked

Sunshine Coast

A City In The Making

2018 Edition | Secrets Unlocked

Sunshine Coast

A City In The Making

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In addition to identifying areas to invest, a big part of what we do is conducting extensive due diligence on the builders and developers we work with and finding creative solutions to meet our client’s needs and deliver property that is of high quality, has low risk and high potential for capital growth.

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