Destination Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is prime for investing!

$ bn
infrastructure investment
population growth
visitors per annum
$ bn
economy by 2033

PLUS: the biggest game changer a (non-capital) Australian city has seen!

2023 Edition | Details Unlocked

Sunshine Coast

A City In The Making

2018 Edition | Secrets Unlocked

Sunshine Coast

A City In The Making

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Investor Property Insights

Queensland’s New Rental Law Changes: What Property Investors Need to Know

As of June 6, significant changes to rental laws in Queensland have come into effect, designed to create greater transparency and fairness in the rental market. For property investors, staying informed about these changes is crucial to ensure compliance and to maintain positive relationships with tenants. Here’s a detailed overview of the new regulations and…

June 14, 2024
Housing Trends – Data that helps us decide what and where to invest

Core Logic’s Regional Market Update shows that once again, Regional Australia’s dwelling values are on the rise, outpacing capital city values over the three months to April. Regional areas saw a growth of 2.1%, compared to just 1.7% in the cities. Western Australia and Queensland are leading the charge with impressive growth in both dwelling…

June 13, 2024
Tax-smart Deductions for Property Investors

Great news for property investors: recent findings by Optiwise Wealth Advisory have uncovered clarification on a recent tax ruling where you can claim interest on the construction loan component of your loan/s as a tax deduction when you intend to rent out the property on completion as a residential investment property. This is a significant…

June 7, 2024
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