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Founded in 2004, Investor Property exists to help you navigate the excess of confusing opinion and data that surrounds property to achieve your residential property investment goals and the freedom that affords.

Building wealth through property is a journey and depending on what path you take it could be a short trip around the block, up a dead-end ally or an incredible adventure that changes your life forever. Along the way you’ll need supplies to get you through. Just like snacks on a road trip or the equipment you pack for a hike, along the way some things will need topping up and others you’ll no longer need. For some, they packed for the wrong trip so a little assistance is required.

If this is unchartered territory for you, stepping outside your comfort zone into this unknown world could make for a treacherous journey if you don’t have a guide or the right tools. Luckily for you, if you’re ready to venture into wealth creation through property, we can be your guide, your Sherpa and your camp manager! We can show you when to take off, what to pack, what pitstops to make and how close you are to reaching your target.

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Why The Sunshine Coast

Key Investment Stats

$ bn
infrastructure investment
population growth
visitors per annum
$ bn
economy by 2033

PLUS: the biggest game changer a (non-capital) Australian city has seen!

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Sunshine Coast

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In addition to identifying areas to invest, a big part of what we do is conducting extensive due diligence on the builders and developers we work with and finding creative solutions to meet our client’s needs and deliver property that is of high quality, has low risk and high potential for capital growth.

*Conditions apply.

What Traveller (Investor) Type Are You?

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You’re a first timer who’s heard stories of success and failure, you’re looking at how to take the first step and to make sure it’s in the right direction.




You’ve been journeying a little while but may have strayed off course (or even cancelled your trip!) and would love a fellow voyager or pioneer to hold the compass, share some experience and help you make your next steps count.




You’ve experienced and collected a lot, you know the good from the bad. What you’re now looking for are the illusive gems – the local insider secrets to get in first, go further and be ahead of the pack.


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FHB Grant a Push for Investors to Make Moves

This week the Federal Government announced a doubling of the First Home Buyers Grant to $30K which has sparked lots of media commentary on this action that is nothing short of stupid, and unhelpful at best. It’s what we’ve been expecting of the government; more poor decisions that fail to help those in need and…

November 24, 2023
Property is the currency of the rich

After making this bold statement last week: the harder it is to get into property (real or ‘perceived’ – confidence), the more money people with property will make, new data released this week has further cemented our commitment to this statement and the opportunity that lies ahead for those who can invest in property. The…

November 17, 2023
The Crux of a Concrete Investment Plan

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing articles and videos to help you make sense of the changing property landscape and weed out the misinformation of mainstream media and BBQ conversations. We do this so that you can make informed decisions about your future that are backed by insight, not fear. Let’s recap: To…

November 10, 2023
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