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Queensland property investors set to be winners with rate cuts

With the buyer activity ever increasing in Queensland, a home loan battle ground has emerged for investor lending, with lenders slashing investor home loan rates to record lows and some even offering cashbacks up to $4000. While property investment took a dip due to COVID-19, investors are returning to the market with low rates on…

2 days ago
National home values rose by another 2.2% in May

In the latest Core Logic research released, home values across Australia have surged by 2.2% which is more than the 1.8% rise achieved in April. CoreLogic’s research director, Tim Lawless, reaffirmed the fundamentals driving strength in the housing market remain in place. “The combination of improving economic conditions and low interest rates is continuing to…

2 weeks ago
Revisiting our 2020 predictions and what’s coming next.

We recognise that through the Direct Collective brands we undertake significant research and make many big, bold claims about the Sunshine Coast property market. We do this confidently because of the depth of our research and the level or analysis and understanding we have of the data and the accurate models upon which we assess…

3 weeks ago
What the 2021 Federal Budget announcement means for property

With a lot of Federal Budget announcements hitting the headlines this week, we thought it would be helpful to provide a simple recap to help you understand what it means for property. We believe the budget is an appropriate response to the intellectual and sophisticated economical response of the government in relation to COVID-19 over…

1 month ago
Unpacking the Sunshine Coast’s History Making Growth Spurt

As a group that researches, analyses and predicts with accuracy (with a 10-year track record to prove it), Direct Collective is receiving a growing number of requests to share our insight to make sense of the population growth, the property price increases and demand for particular property products. In response to that, we are preparing…

1 month ago

Investing in data and our digital capability is critical to our future prosperity. These investments allow better decision making and a faster response to the changes in our economy and society,” said Philip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Mr Lowe, shared this statement in a speech he gave at the Melbourne Business…

2 months ago
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