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The Sunshine Coast - The Answers - 2023 Edition

The Sunshine Coast presents as Australia’s top potential residential property investment destination for the next decade.

It is on a trajectory to be the greatest city in the country with the confluence of game changer projects unlike any city in Australia’s history.

The region is undergoing great change due to an expanding population and opportunity driven by an idyllic lifestyle, job creation, nation-leading infrastructure investment, and a strong, diverse economy.

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Prepared by Direct Collective (the mother brand of which Investor Property is a part) this free report provides a sophisticated and intelligent compilation of information surrounding the economic and social conditions that are impacting property and investment on the Sunshine Coast today and for the next 10 to 20 years.

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This update not only articulates complex messages in a digestible format, but it presents relevant and useful data that gives considerable advantage to all those who consume it to make confident and informed decisions for the future of their wealth journey with property.

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Destination Sunshine Coast

This is now the most exciting region in Australia for property investors to be considering.

Driven by billions of dollars of infrastructure projects funded by the private and public sectors, the Sunshine Coast is poised to expand at a level that is unprecedented and importantly, sustainable well into the future.

  • Over $12.5bn of job creating infrastructure underway
  • Massive expansion of Gross Regional Product
  • $5.2bn Oceanside Health Precinct underway
  • Australia’s only $4bn ‘Greenfield’ CBD underway
  • Australia’s next Submarine Broadband Connection to the world
  • $500m expansion to make Airport ‘International’ underway
  • New $450m Actventure Theme Park about to commence
  • $450m expansion to Sunshine Plaza completed!
  • 100,000+ new jobs being created!
  • Low vacancy rate
  • High population growth rate
  • High job creation rate
  • Plus, MORE!
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Sunshine Coast

A City In The Making

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