First Home Buyers Academy

First Home Buyers Academy

Welcome first home buyers!

If you’re a first-time property purchaser who’s heard stories of both success and failure, and you’re looking at how to take the first step and to make sure it’s in the right direction… you’ve arrived at the right place.

We understand that buying property is probably one of if not the biggest investment you will ever make and parting with all that hard-earned cash or committing to a 30-year payment plan can make your brow sweat. However, the opportunity it can bring is quite extraordinary when you get the right guidance.

Not sure if you can buy a property yet?

You might be ready sooner than you think, because you DON’T need a huge amount of savings right now as the market conditions are perfect for first home buyers. You could be ready to purchase your first home now if you satisfy these conditions:

– Looking to buy your first home with the government grant available ($15K First Home Buyers Grant)*

– Just 5% genuine savings built over the last 3 months OR have been paying rent consistently for 3+ months

– Earn at least $50K per annum

*Terms and conditions apply.

Training before the journey

We work with first home buyers to effectively take the first step into the property market, guiding you through everything you need to know and help you into home ownership as a stepping stone into many other properties and creating wealth through property.

We’ve been around since 2004 educating people in how to create wealth through property, how to buy property, how to leverage property, how to finance property, what to look for in property and how to grow it.

A big part of what we do is not just identifying areas to invest, but also conduct extensive due diligence on the builders and developers we work with and identify creative solutions to meet our client’s needs and deliver property that is of high quality, has low risk and high potential for capital growth. We also access some unique and sometimes exclusive opportunities.

What we found over the years is that more and more people are contacting us to access the properties that we source for that reason. When it comes to First Home Buyers we also found that not only are they looking for affordable properties and thereby competing with investors, but also the challenges in getting into the market and understanding how to buy a home for First Home Buyers are very similar to an investor in understanding how to invest.

Training Snapshot:

About the First Home Buyers’ Grant
  • What you can get
  • Who is eligible
  • How to apply
  • Your obligations
How does financing work?
  • The financing steps and process
  • Banks VS Brokers
  • Types of lending products
  • Loan to Value ratios and their implications
  • Guarantor Loans
How to Get Started
  • What to purchase
  • How to purchase
  • How to become a Property Investor!

See how we’ve helped other first home owners just like you secure their first property on the Sunshine Coast.

James & Sarah** were able to buy a property for $417,450.00 with no genuine savings.  For this particular couple’s circumstances, we were able to help set them up with a 90% LVR (loan to value ratio) which meant they didn’t have to demonstrate genuine savings. Putting in $40k from the First Home Buyers Grant ($15K) and HomeBuilder Grant ($25K) the client needed to contribute $9,452 of funds, which they were fortunate to have gifted to them.

Their weekly repayments on their loan, based on principle and interest (paying down the loan over 30 years) is $374.88 which is cheaper than the rent they were paying in their previous home… and this is a home they can call their own!

We currently have house and land packages and new homes secured for the Direct Collective Family that could be yours for as little as $375 per week*. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of making one of these or another beautiful Sunshine Coast home yours, get in touch.

*Terms and conditions apply

** Not their real names.

Destination Sunshine Coast

This is now the most exciting region in Australia for property investors to be considering.

Driven by billions of dollars of infrastructure projects funded by the private and public sectors, the Sunshine Coast is poised to expand at a level that is unprecedented and importantly, sustainable well into the future.

  • Over $12.5bn of job creating infrastructure underway
  • Massive expansion of Gross Regional Product
  • $5.2bn Oceanside Health Precinct underway
  • Australia’s only $4bn ‘Greenfield’ CBD underway
  • Australia’s next Submarine Broadband Connection to the world
  • $500m expansion to make Airport ‘International’ underway
  • New $450m Actventure Theme Park about to commence
  • $450m expansion to Sunshine Plaza completed!
  • 100,000+ new jobs being created!
  • Low vacancy rate
  • High population growth rate
  • High job creation rate
  • Plus, MORE!
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