Welcome to Investor Property

Our goal is to help our clients understand residential investment property as an asset class and how to effectively use property to achieve their wealth creation dreams. We do this through a business model founded on the strong conviction that a valuable and uniquely cooperative partnership between builders, developers, residents, ourselves and you, our client, will help to build long term wealth.

Our fundamental focus is to help you build your property investing business by working with you to define and develop your Pathway to Wealth Strategic Plan and then help you secure great properties to make it a reality. Securing great properties can only be done when we know what specific properties are needed to match the right strategy/s for YOUR Pathway. We aim to achieve this over time by…

Coaching you through education, support and information to identify and then execute your Personalised Property Pathway.

Researching those geographical areas that meet the various strategy requirements employed on a Pathway such as, those with high capital growth and/or high yielding potential for sound and balanced property portfolio growth, so you can make informed investment decisions.

Sourcing quality investment properties that meet our predetermined strategy requirements and suit your individual Pathway – after extensive research and due diligence on the developers and builders while providing diversification through the built form and location.

Managing the entire construction process and then your asset ongoing with robust property management practices through our property management specialist, Queensland Property Rentals, to ensure your asset has the best opportunity to maximise the properties growth and yield potential.

For more information, contact your Property Coach or call us today on 1800 248 911.