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The majority of clients we help on their property wealth journey are referred to us by our Property Partners. Strategically, we look to develop relationships with associated businesses and individuals who share our passion for property… and understand its value in helping clients grow their wealth.

For example, if a finance broker Property Partner helps their clients buy more properties, then the broker writes more mortgages and can earn a referral fee from us for each successful property purchase. Whilst we have our own in-house finance and insurance brokers we see our Property Partner alliances as a crucial part of our property business and to that end, have included a ’Non Compete’ Clause in our Property Partners agreement to respect and protect your relationship with your client.

One of the keys to our ongoing success is that we know clients become quite excited when they realise they’ve built equity out of a property, in many cases before the construction is even complete. This gives them, and their referring Property Partner, great confidence in their investment decision and more often than not, sets them up for their next investment sooner than later.

We believe business is a by product of helping people realise their dreams, not just selling them a ‘product’. It is for this reason that we prefer to work with clients who have an established professional team around them who understand property, such as Accountants, Financial Planners, Finance Brokers and Solicitors, on whose advice they are acting. It is also for this reason that we actively encourage our Property Partners to fully understand exactly what we do, with most being property investors themselves (many through properties in developments specifically chosen by Investor Property).

Once you become a Property Partner, you will work with one of our Property Coaches (or may even have been introduced by one) who, together with yourself,  will work closely with your client/s to establish their goals and work with them to develop their property investment business plan… all before they even visit an estate with their coach to see what they’re actually investing in – dirt, timber, bricks and mortar. We constantly challenge clients to look for themselves at the properties we’re sourcing and to call the developers or builders to check prices to ensure that they’re buying at or below the builder or developer price.

Whilst we have a commercial referral remuneration model for our Property Partners we also know that there are property marketers out there who might offer large fees to referrers. The truth is, at the end of the day, that the consumer (your client) is really paying the extra amount by purchasing over priced properties. This type of “Partner’ is not what we’re seeking.

Our mutual clients best interests need to remain at the forefront of the relationship. Happy clients buy more properties and in turn, generate more referral fees and core income (through finance, accounting, insurance etc) for all of us but again and most importantly… the client makes real profits from their property investments. Essentially, we all ‘win’ and enjoy the journey as we help our clients on their journey to wealth.

If you’d like to join our exclusive team of motivated and successful Property Partners please complete the form below and as soon as we receive it, we’ll contact you to discuss the opportunity and send you out some more information.

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