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Duplex properties in the heart of Townsville’s North Shore:

2 Bed House & Land from $269,900
rented from $300pw

Duplex / Fonzi from $469,500
rented from $600pw

Edge at North Shore is the first complete integrated lifestyle and living offering outside of a CBD in North Queensland. Set adjacent to the most important sub-regional town centre in the north, it is at the cutting edge of design, functionality and living options. Edge comprises a range of living and investment options that are literally opposite where residents can work, rest and play. Prepare to be surprised!

edge the Location

Stockland North Shore is a thriving town centre only in its infancy. It already boasts retail and specialty shops, restaurants, café and major hardware and is also home to North Queensland’s only genuine Farmer’s Market in the town square. Edge lays on the boundary street of what will become a 85,000sqm town centre including a 40,000sqm shopping centre and meters away from 39 hectare central park. Directly opposite Edge is the site for the Cinemas placing all retail, entertainment and sporting facilities within a short walk. You can’t live closer to the action than at Edge!

edge3edge the Lifestyle

Edge introduces an entirely new lifestyle offering to North Shore, yet it’s not a new concept. Remember the character the ‘Fonz’ from the ‘70s TV sitcom Happy Days? Well Fonzi’s mode of living, above the Cunningham’s garage, has given name to a modern, efficient style of living that suits owners, investors and tenants alike; the Fonzi. Fonzis bring together a house and an annexed unit with separate living spaces. In the case of the Fonzi houses in Edge, they are a 3 bedroom house at the front with pedestrian access to the street and across the road to the town centre and a single bedroom unit above the garages that are accessed from the laneway behind and overlook the adjacent park. Each have their own outdoor living spaces and garage providing space and separation. The Fonzi unit is separately metered from the house allowing an owner to live in one and lease the other or to lease both for a very high yield. The most exciting thing for these properties at Edge are that each Fonzi house and unit has been approved for strata titling; effectively a duplex development! That means you can hold both as flats or strata title the pair to sell one, sell both or simply to unlock the increased equity. An amazing investment all round. But that’s not all. Edge also features two bedroom houses under $290,000. The total mix in Edge affords a suite of options. Single, two or three bedroom living, sub-letting, extended family living or just those looking for affordable accommodation, everyone who wants to live, own or invest in the heart of the action, can. With privacy, space and access key considerations, Edge’s ultra modern and intelligent design gives you access to urban living at its best with all the amazing amenities the burgeoning town centre has to offer.

edge the Investmentedge4

This is the leading edge of design and foresight, making it potentially the most exciting property investment options Townsville has ever seen. There is something for everyone. At the beginning of what is predicted to be a significant and protracted upswing phase for Queensland, Edge’s timing couldn’t be better as it will be delivered amongst significant amenity with so much more to come over the next 5, 10 and 15 years at North Shore. Looking in the face of all the positive driver’s of capital growth, Edge also answers one of the greatest concerns for investors, cash flow. The intelligent design in both the land and the built form allows solutions that are, and always have been, the highest demand options within close proximity to all that tenants desire. In addition, the dual income capacity for the Fonzi designs leave investors well ahead with the added value of the duplex option. Strata titling take the investment benefits to another level incresing equity and reducing risk. This doesn’t just tick every box for investors, it creates a new benchmark!


Why Townsville?

Townsville has long been regarded as the ‘North Queensland Capital’ given its location and very stable economy, but is now being referred to as one of the country’s boom towns. According to Bernard Salt of KPMG, “Townsville is unlike any other city in Australia”. An economic powerhouse due to its size, location and economic diversity, Townsville’s ‘downturns’ are hardly a blip by comparison, and is continually growing stronger making it a highly attractive investment location.

Situated on the North Queensland coastline, Townsville is the largest city in Northern Australia. The region continues to grow as an attractive option for people looking to migrate or invest. A strong economy, the addition of world-class infrastructure developments and recent lifestyle enhancements have all been big contributors to this phenomenon.

Not only does it provide direct links to the Great Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island, Townsville has long been acknowledged as North Queensland’s administrative headquarters to defence, sugar, livestock, mining and tourism. With a world class port (Queensland’s third largest multi-cargo port) and the road rail and air infrastructure, Townsville is the northern transport hub essential for the broader region.

The economic strength of the region is underpinned by this diversity with no single sector contributing more than 13% to the economy. Townsville has the largest government sector in Queensland outside of Brisbane and it has the largest military representation in Australia. The many stable economic sectors have ensured an average economic growth per annum of 10% for the last decade. With over $50Bn of infrastructure projects in the pipeline there are no signs of this growth slowing.

Queensland has the most dispersed population in the country and the strategic importance of Townsville has never been disputed. This combined with the distance from other major centres and the diversity of resources and industries has, and continues to be, a key driver of migration and business opportunity.



  • Current population over 190,000 – estimated to grow by over 25% in the next 10 years
  • Strong economic growth
  • Higher average incomes per capita than any other regional centre and some major capitals within Australia’s 20 largest urban areas
  • High property affordability rates
  • 1,000,000 visitors per annum
  • Diversified economy (government, defence, agribusiness, marine industries, tourism, education, mining and service industries)
  • Australia’s most stable water supply (nearly 5 times the size of Sydney harbour)
  • Strategic and significant port, Government and Defence infrastructure
  • World class port facilities
  • $10bn of infrastructure projects underway and a further $35bn in approved projects
  • Significant lifestyle centre with its own national rugby and basketball teams, casino, Great Barrier Reef and 300 days of sunshine per annum

For more information about Edge, contact your Property Coach or call us today on
1800 248 911.

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