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The Sunshine Coast is magnetic

You’ve heard us for years now rattle on about how the Sunshine Coast is a great region to invest in, #1 in the country we actually say. But we know that there are many questions circulating about why people should invest in this region and not others when we are seeing people move all about…

6 months ago
Celebrating 20 years

This year Investor Property proudly stands as a 20-year-strong company with a history rich in positive customer success stories, solid research, and uniqueness of market intelligence which gives us the foresight to accurately predict likely future outcomes that have underpinned our businesses and our clients’ returns. We attribute our success and longevity to doing things…

6 months ago
From fear to cheer! Some great facts about the “mortgage cliff”

Can you remember all the warnings and scare mongering around a so-called “mortgage cliff” that would see so many Australians with mortgages find themselves so financially stretched by all the interest rate rises that they’d have to sell their homes and there’d be a flood of properties hitting the market and prices would come crashing…

7 months ago
It’s beginning to look a lot like … let’s circle back in the new year.

We know it’s the season for putting off big decisions … because everyone is busy busy, and there’s a general sense of optimism about how much time and headspace we’ll have in January to do all the things. Oh yes we get it, but it’s also important to remember that this line of thinking might…

8 months ago
FHB Grant a Push for Investors to Make Moves

This week the Federal Government announced a doubling of the First Home Buyers Grant to $30K which has sparked lots of media commentary on this action that is nothing short of stupid, and unhelpful at best. It’s what we’ve been expecting of the government; more poor decisions that fail to help those in need and…

8 months ago
Property is the currency of the rich

After making this bold statement last week: the harder it is to get into property (real or ‘perceived’ – confidence), the more money people with property will make, new data released this week has further cemented our commitment to this statement and the opportunity that lies ahead for those who can invest in property. The…

8 months ago
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