What the FAQ?

Welcome to our new video series ‘What the FAQ’ where our Chief Operating Officer Mal Cayley addresses the top questions people are asking (or should be asking!) about the property and the factors that impact the market. Mal’s ability to correctly predict what others can’t by drilling into data and observing trends has cemented him as a market intelligence specialist across all mediums of media.

Each week we will release a new video first to our email database and then they’ll be available across our social media platforms.

In episode 1, Mal talks through some fears people have about interest rates rising and how this might impact them and the property market.

In episode 2, Mal addresses the question around the Sunshine Coast property prices dropping.

In episode 3, Mal gives some advice to first home buyers feeling the pressure of competing in a rising market and how to reframe and consider different property types as a stepping stone in their portfolio.

In episode 4, Mal explores the pros and cons of fixed and variable interest rates and considerations for property investors.

In episode 5, Mal discusses small properties for investors, what property type is in demand and delivering great returns for investors.

Destination Sunshine Coast

This is now the most exciting region in Australia for property investors to be considering.

Driven by billions of dollars of infrastructure projects funded by the private and public sectors, the Sunshine Coast is poised to expand at a level that is unprecedented and importantly, sustainable well into the future.

  • Over $12.5bn of job creating infrastructure underway
  • Massive expansion of Gross Regional Product
  • $5.2bn Oceanside Health Precinct underway
  • Australia’s only $4bn ‘Greenfield’ CBD underway
  • Australia’s next Submarine Broadband Connection to the world
  • $500m expansion to make Airport ‘International’ underway
  • New $450m Actventure Theme Park about to commence
  • $450m expansion to Sunshine Plaza completed!
  • 100,000+ new jobs being created!
  • Low vacancy rate
  • High population growth rate
  • High job creation rate
  • Plus, MORE!
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It’s a NO from us for negative gearing reform, here’s why…

This week crossbench senators David Pocock and Jacqui Lambie have proposed a sweeping reform of property tax concessions, aiming to generate up to $60 billion in revenue over the next decade that they say will support social housing. While it might sound positive at first glance, all we see is that this proposal highlights the…

April 24, 2024
Decoding Australia’s Property Paradox: Looking Beyond Statistics

This week the Urban Developer published an article titled “Investor Home Loan Values Soar 21pc for Year” with ABS head of finance statistics Mish Tan quoted saying the value of new investor loans in February was 21.5 per cent higher compared to a year ago. They report this notable uptick in home loans as signalling…

April 12, 2024
Navigating the Housing Market: Catering to Diverse Generational Needs

This week Bernard Salt released an article The age group shaping Australian life with the latest ABS data referenced in that article revealing that 32-33-year olds are the largest age demographic in Australia. What this means from a property perspective is that there is a significant number of people at the age and life stage…

April 5, 2024
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