Introducing Investor Tribe

//Introducing Investor Tribe

Grow your own part time business helping people build wealth through property

One of our motto’s here at Investor Property is that investing is a journey, not an event and what sets us apart from the others in our industry is the level of ongoing advice and support we offer our clients on their journey to help them identify and achieve their property investing goals.

Sometimes the journey of the property investor is a lonely one. Not everyone understands the value of property as a wealth generating asset and there’s always the ‘knockers’ so, we wanted to help passionate investors like yourself build a support network for like minded people, a ‘Tribe’ if you like, of people in your local area, or further afield, to share knowledge and experience and learn new investing strategies to start or enhance their members portfolios.

As a Tribe Leader you will build your own network of like minded individuals, your ‘Tribe’, from your circle of influence and using some local marketing strategies we’ll help you implement and you’ll work with them, getting them started, and then walking with them on their journey to creating wealth through property and, most importantly, helping them keep on track to their property investing pay day!

Each Tribe Leader is assigned an Investor Property Coach who, along with the Investor Tribe support team, will provide you all the tools and systems you need to grow and support your Tribe. Investor Tribe Leaders get paid a fee every time one of your Tribe buys an Investor Property with your help and support and they also get discounts on their own property purchases through Investor Property.

There’s much more we’d like to share with you about Investor Tribe, so if you’re passionate about property and really like the idea of building your own part time business (at least initially) helping other people build wealth through property, give us call on 1800 248 911 and we’ll discuss the opportunity with you in detail.