Lot 392 North Shore, Townsville

//Lot 392 North Shore, Townsville

This attractive contemporary home on a generous lot will impress even the fussiest tenant. The functional layout with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and second living area (great for families) has been carefully selected to maximise your return and be desirable to a good portion of the rental market. As with all of our endorsed properties, our well known ‘Ready to Rent’ program applies so you can rest assured there is absolutely no additional cost or work required before your new tenants move in.

Set in the exciting new North Shore Estate within the growing Townsville area this investment is sure to experience the rub off effect of a sound and diverse local economy, bustling North Queensland mining influence and solid government employment sector. Watch your investment leverage growth off massive projects such as the brand new retail / business hub, Stockland shopping centre, New North Shore schools and largest public library outside Brisbane.

Description: Lot 392 Sillago Street, North Shore, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Hot Property Price: $409,500

Weekly Projected Rent: $410 – $440

Why The Deal Stacks Up:

This is currently the lowest price home and land we have identified in this premium estate.

Strong investment drivers such as high projected population growth, extremely low investment holding within estate, historic low unemployment, sound and diverse local economy, mining influence, large government, public and private infrastructure projects will all help build equity.

Strategy Fit:

Buy and hold medium to long term as infrastructure comes on line around investment, ride out population and mining boom over next 5 years for maximum gains.

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