Unprecedented Circumstances – What is your Excuse?

//Unprecedented Circumstances – What is your Excuse?

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

An unprecedented set of circumstances are unfolding on the Sunshine Coast that are forming to create what is believed to be the longest property upswing cycle in the City’s history and it’s potentially an unprecedented story in Australian Property.

Now is the time when the greatest wealth will be created. There is plenty of opportunity ahead, but nothing like what awaits those that can see what is already occurring, and before the story gets real momentum.  So what is your excuse for not making the most of it?

… or… Procrastinate

Way too many people tell us there are ‘too busy’ to look at it / act / review their portfolio / identify the right property / etc. Well we’ve already done the hard work of the research, due diligence and investment feasibility analysis on some of The Sunshine Coasts most prestigious Estates and Developments. We’ve drilled down on the builders who can deliver a quality and cost effective product and identified the designs to maximise both capital growth and rental return. All you have to do is tell what price range you are in – your preference of House and Land, Apartments or Townhouses or just let us come up with a Property Investment solution to add to your existing portfolio of for your first investment property. Better yet, we can make this process easy through one of our free coaching session where we work with you no matter what lever you are at.

or… Live in denial

The is the ‘I just can’t afford it excuse’ – It may surprise you how many times we hear this only to find that our finance team have helped our clients build their wealth through Property Investing when they thought it was not possible. No doubt that the lending market has changed, but there are many lenders out there and many challenging the hold of the ‘big 4’ with some exceptionally competitive products. Just make the call or email us and one of our friendly finance team members will contact you. We can then look at what Property is the best fit for your situation. Easy!

… or… Fear cash flow

We have got your back – better yet we put our money where our mouth is and work with our management teams to provided guaranteed income protection solutions for a minimum of 2 to 3 Years (depending on the offering) so you don’t have to worry about vacancy or late rent! Better yet you know exactly how much rent is coming in each month! How good is that?

or… Let others decide

Investing in any asset class is a challenge and we all want to make the right choice. With so many inexperienced real estate agents and marketers out there just trying to sell you their ‘stock’ its important to ensure you have the right information. Its also important to understand that like many people in the real estate space, asking specific property investment decisions of financial planners or accountants could be fraught with danger.

We encourage our clients to diversify and to use qualified professionals in their key areas – so keep in mind a financial planner may not be qualified to give you property advice, have limitations placed on them even if they are, and likely to have a conflict of interest in that their income may be derived from selling you equities products. That said, a good planner who understands property investment is worth their weight in gold – just do you research.

Similarly, a good accountant is essential to property investors to help you with the correct structures and tax planning. Just make sure their advice is kept to their expertise – we have seen way too many clients not proceed on a property that would have made them significant income and capital growth because they ‘asked’ or ‘took’ advice that was actually opinion.

or… Blame the Market

What is happening on the Sunshine Coast right now is underpinning massive jobs growth (not just now but over the next 20 years) including the doubling of the economy. It’s no wonder that it has the highest migration rate per capita in the country and an enviable 2.9% growth rate!

As Australia’s 9th largest city, the jobs and infrastructure boom, combined with one of Australia’s most livable locations and an ongoing challenge to deliver enough property for the massive and ongoing demand.

So why isn’t it front page news – because the media agencies and data houses are still focused on the Sydney and Melbourne markets, then Brisbane and the other capitals. It’s astounding to discover how many people don’t even know the geographical location of the Sunshine Coast! This isn’t a bad thing though; it will change, and with it increased momentum in the market. Which is why it behoves every property investor to get an understanding of what is unfolding before their very eyes – a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So who has the answers with a consolidated list of what’s happening, as well as the capacity to help find the right solution for you? We do – . Contact us today on 1800 248 911 or fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch.

To learn more, download the latest update of our Ebook – Unstoppable, A City on the Move or, better yet, make a time to meet with one of our team to review your strategy, and receive detailed information and a tour of all that is underway!

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