Property Education Workshop – 9th May

Plenty of people play “footy” but few become Footballers.

Plenty of people invest in property, but only a few become Property Investors.

We’ll Coach you to invest at the elite level.

Everyone starts off in property expecting to kick some goals. Unfortunately history shows that in most cases they end up falling far short of the mark. Even the ones who seem to have done well could have achieved a much better result, a higher return on the investment for the same effort, if only they had started right, with the right training and the right game plan.

Like playing footy at the elite level, there is much to understand about positioning, strategy and timing that few who sit on the sidelines will ever understand. They’ll tell you (yell at you) their opinon, tell you where you went wrong based on their view, but they miss the bigger picutre and the challenges that come with being on the field of play.

Investing in any asset class is no different. It comes down to understanding everything there is to know about what affects the markets, the historical drivers and then your own time in the game. Then its about the right action, at the right time.

At this interactive property workshop we’ll invite you to get involved as we take you on a journey to uncover how to really make money through property in any market:

  • What really drives property values
  • Why the past doesn’t always reflect the future
  • Why its getting harder to ‘get lucky’
  • What areas are likely to outperform and why
  • What are told as ‘facts’ are really myths
  • How to create wealth through property in any market
  • What to do, what not to do and when to do and not do it

Myths with be destroyed and the cold hard facts will be revealed. Register here and prepare to be surprised:

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