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It’s a NO from us for negative gearing reform, here’s why…

This week crossbench senators David Pocock and Jacqui Lambie have proposed a sweeping reform of property tax concessions, aiming to generate up to $60 billion in revenue over the next decade that they say will support social housing. While it might sound positive at first glance, all we see is that this proposal highlights the…

3 months ago
Decoding Australia’s Property Paradox: Looking Beyond Statistics

This week the Urban Developer published an article titled “Investor Home Loan Values Soar 21pc for Year” with ABS head of finance statistics Mish Tan quoted saying the value of new investor loans in February was 21.5 per cent higher compared to a year ago. They report this notable uptick in home loans as signalling…

3 months ago
Navigating the Housing Market: Catering to Diverse Generational Needs

This week Bernard Salt released an article The age group shaping Australian life with the latest ABS data referenced in that article revealing that 32-33-year olds are the largest age demographic in Australia. What this means from a property perspective is that there is a significant number of people at the age and life stage…

3 months ago
The scoop on interest rates: What’s Changing and What to Expect in 2024

Forget the old routine of interest rate announcements happening like clockwork on the first Tuesday of every month. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has thrown us a curveball by shaking up its schedule. Now, instead of monthly updates, we’re looking at just eight rate calls for the whole year. It’s a departure from tradition,…

4 months ago
CBA report confirms: Sunshine Coast cements itself as nation’s favourite region

We’ve been shouting ‘Sunshine Coast’ from the rooftops long before anyone else took notice of this underestimated yet powerful region, but this week Commonwealth Bank released an article that states: The Sunshine Coast has surged ahead as Australia’s most coveted region for movers, capturing a record share of net internal migration over the last year…

5 months ago

New report reveals lack of real research regarding economic uncertainty and property performance In recent news from Corelogic, they outlined something we predicted long ago and have mentioned multiple times – the inverse relationship of house prices to confidence and increasing interest rates. Thanks for the extra evidence supporting what we have been saying; for…

5 months ago
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