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Hi, I’m LaurenceLaurence Duggan Investor Property Tribe Leader

I first heard about Tribes when I was looking at getting my teenage son Jake into property. We’ve always been keen on property to build wealth so he’d grown up with that being part of our family and always said he wanted his first investment property by the time he was 18. He didn’t quite make it but he got # 1 by the time he turned 19!

I discovered Investor Property through a friend and we started the journey for Jake with David our Property Coach. After a few meetings, we really felt confident in what Investor Property could offer and decided to have them help us on our journey.

There’s so much happening in property in Queensland at the moment and so many opportunities, its important be able to tell the wood from the trees so to speak… or the hype from the real story and, we can help you do that.

You can probably tell I’m passionate about property and really enjoy talking about it so, if you’d like to know more about how to build wealth through property, give me a call and we’ll catch up for a coffee!

Laurence Duggan

To contact me please phone 0427 290 592, email me or pop your details here and I’ll contact you as soon as I can.

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