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Welcome South African Investors…

Find out how you can use Australian residential property to build long term wealth!


Real wealth through property is possible.

Cut through the hype, speculation and information overload and get the full picture on why now is the time more than ever. The old myths will be destroyed and the complex will be made simple. It will be fun, relaxed and potentially life changing!  Email or call us to book your spot today.


Make Money & Australian Property Investment Seminar

Date:        Saturday 14th February 2015
Time:       9:00am – 12:00pm
Venue:    Woodhill Estate, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Coert Coetzee
Guest Speaker Mal Cayley and Chris Johnson – Australian Property Investment

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Get your FREE ‘Property Investing in Australia’ Magazine!

Each quarter we publish this in-house Magazine updating our clients on the latest news in property investing in Queensland and its available to anyone ‘interested in property investment’ absolutely FREE of charge. Just click here for more details and to subscribe to get one mailed straight to your door!

WHY do many South Africans already invest in Australian residential property to build long term wealth? There’s lots of reasons but mostly, its because…

Australia is more than just the ‘Lucky Country’

The term ‘the lucky country’ was coined for Australia during her trade boom from the early 1900s to the 1970s. However, it’s a greatly insufficient term for where Australia finds herself today and what makes Australia, and particularly the mining State of Queensland, an exciting place to not only hedge the Rand, but to also create real wealth.

Australia has a R40 billion residential property market. It is three times the size of the Australian GDP and the market cap of the Australian Share Market. What is important to understand is that all residential bonds in Australia only equate to 25% of the total value and the average Aussie wage is now over R530,000 per annum. Collectively, the significant equity in Australian properties, high disposable incomes and the rapidly increasing population (by world standards) are what continue to underpin housing in the country.

It is also important to understand that there is no such beast as an overall ‘Aussie Housing Market’. Rather it is very regionalised, based on each State and the various regions within the States and Territories. Being a Commonwealth, each Australian State has its own laws as they relate to property and development and many decisions are made at a local council level. Combine the differences within economies and varying population flows and often regional property markets can run at opposing points in the cycle over a five year period.

This is fundamental when looking to identify the areas that have the best potential for future growth. With three billion people in China and India at the beginning of an industrial revolution and urbanisation (a process that has taken decades for every other country with a smaller population in the past), the terms of trade boom resulting from the mining sector is rapidly changing the wealth of an already wealthy nation.

Over the past 20 years almost 40% of all property in Australia has seen a 10%pa capital growth rate or better. While nationally, this percentage is likely to decrease over the next 20 years, the demand for resources is creating significant opportunity in many regions, particularly Queensland. With the demand squeezing out volatility in many areas there is now also the opportunity to balance a high growth portfolio with cash flow positive properties. A self funded, high growth potential portfolio in a country even the World Bank predicts to be one of the greatest benefactors of the new global economy over the next 40 years.

If investing overseas concerns you then you should look at Australia’s stable and strong economy where the property market is underpinned by increasing demand and affordability in many areas, particularly Queensland and where there is the opportunity to build a balanced portfolio. Not only can the team at Investor Property help you achieve all this through education and sourcing quality property, they can even help with the establishment of Australian trusts, bank accounts and lending with a South African based Australian Property Investment Support Manager.

If you still have lingering concerns, Investor Property also offer a Rental Assurance Program which ensures you have no vacancy or arrears for up to 10 years!


Share your passion for property with other like minded people

Join your local Investor Tribe

At Investor Property, our goal is to help people invest wisely in great properties to build long term wealth so we know that investing is a journey, not just an event. We also know it’s critical to your success to have the right support along the way.

It’s already in place with our inhouse Property Coaches, real estate licensed specialists who will work beside you over the lifetime of your journey to build wealth and now, there’s a whole new level of support available to you locally… Investor Tribe!

Identifying that what people need most on their property investment journey is support, Investor Property developed the Investor Tribe Support Community, or Tribes as it’s become known. Tribes is all about being  there locally beside other people on their journey, supporting them to help them identify and achieve their personal goals… basically, linking up like minded investors in a ‘tribe’ like community to share and support each other on their journey.

Joining your local Investor Tribe is FREE as a member and connects you into a community of like minded investors, or would be investors, who meet together regularly, share knowledge and experience, and learn new investing strategies to enhance their portfolios.


Become an Investor ‘Tribe Leader’ – A Business Opportunity

Investor Tribe is a part time business where you can turn your passion for property into cash!

Tribes, as we call it, allows you to use your passion for property to work with like minded individuals in your area (and beyond) and help them on their journey to creating wealth through property, generating income for yourself or to support your own property investing business… and all for just doing what you love anyway, talking to people about property!

A successful Tribe Leader business should generate somewhere between $20,000 AUD – $50,000 AUD cashflow per annum from only take a few hours a week… plus you get substantial discounts off your own future property purchases from Investor Property!

If you’d like to find out more about building your own part time business in Property Investment, contact us today to order your Investor Tribe Information Pack.

What are you waiting for?

Limited Tribe Leader business opportunities exist in most areas. Contact us today for more information, or send us your details below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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Investor Property – South African Office

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Australian Investment Property Support Manager
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