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In 2010 we started talking about it. In 2013 one of our stories was published at a time when no one else could see it. A bit over 5 years later the property council warned Sunshine Coast Council of the looming housing issue to hit by 2041. That ongoing issue remains but we are feeling...
1 year ago
2020 Hindsight – A Year in Review

What a year. Everyone knows that there’s been a few curve balls thrown every which way. “It’s not the year we were expecting” is a phrase we’ve heard come from the mouths, pens and keyboards of just about everyone we know.  Don’t worry our message isn’t going down that same path. As we near the…

2 years ago
Impact of the CBD development beyond construction

With the Maroochydore CBD development sold to developers Walker Corporation and the Sunshine Coast City hall project under construction and being touted as a great way to boost the local economy with immediate construction jobs, economic predictions show that this infrastructure investment is set to positively impact the region for many years to come. Once…

2 years ago
The Sunshine Coast Property Market Update 2020 Event

What’s occurring on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is so significant and so dramatic that it’s changing the region forever. A perfect combination of events that are unprecedented for any city in Australia’s history, plus the impact of COVID-19 has only fast-tracked the growth of this region in population and prices. You’ve probably noticed that the Sunshine…

2 years ago
The Sunshine Coast – a looming housing crisis?

That headline is one we wrote in 2013 that was published in the Hinterland Aviation Horizon’s magazine. What we predicted back then was accurate. We also shared an update to those predictions in our market research report in 2017, and what we said was going to happen IS happening, just a little sooner than we…

2 years ago
How the Budget Benefits the Property Market

The Sunshine Coast Property Market is in a flurry right now with homes selling off-market within days, rental properties being snapped up by renters within hours and new estates having to release new land lots ahead of schedule and still not satisfying the demand. With the recent release of the Federal Budget there are a…

2 years ago
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